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Insulated glass replacements for Interior and Exterior french doors in Atlanta homes. Our french doors insulated glass inserts comes with different glass patterns. Wether you need clear or decorative glass, your french door comes with tempered safety glass. Needing a emergency door glass replacement for your entry door or french door today? Give us a call at 678-887-6927 and will be there!

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Door glass inserts for frech doors

City Glass GA fix, install and replace french doors inserts for homeowners in Atlanta. French Doors Inserts come in a wide variety of frames and glass patterns ranging from stained, clear low-e, tempered, safety, and privacy glass. The first thing that your guests lay their eyes on is on your entrance door. Like we say: “The first impression is what counts”. Now, while looking at your french doors you  might say: I need a new door? Hold on. Not so fast. Do you know that 90% of the time your door needs just the door glass insert? Yes! Replace the glass, not the entire door. By allowing us replace you door glass, you will be saving time and money. 

Let’s keep going. We mentioned before that the first impression is what counts. For that reason, when you replace your door glass, you’ll be mantaining not only a clean appearance in your home but  providing a security measure for unwanted intruders. Yes, you can enjoy the peace of mine that generates having safety glass installed on your french doors. What safety glass consist? It’s glass that has been processed thru heating procedures creating a impact resistant glass 10 times stronger than clear annealed. Even if your landscaping company guy accidentaly while using the mowing machines throw a rock to your door glass, having safety glass as part of your french door, you’ll have more probability to resist the impact without  breaking any glass panels. Of course, we don’t want our lawn mower to do that just to try to see what happens. Obviusly, we are not talking about bullet resistant glass.  

Every single french door insert comes with tempered insulated glass. This provide you a more energy efficient entry door. At the end of the day, we dont want only a elegant door, but a energy efficient one. Even when you decide to use a different glass pattern for your french door insert, it comes as an insulated glass unit. The french doors inserts frames are paintable, so you don’t need to be worrie about matching the existing color of your door. There is a lot of benefits of choosing City Glass GA for your next french door glass replacement job. If you have any other questions regarding our french doors products or services, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 678-887-6927 or contact us thru the french doors inserts online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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Excellent experience. City Glass, GA was professional, polite, on time and quick. They did a great job! Highly recommended.

Roberto M.

City Glass, GA is now my “go-to” contractor for doors and windows. I am extremely impressed by the service, response time and professionalism. This is coming from a real estate agent and property manager for the last 23 years.

Stephanie J.

Frequently Asked Questions

</p> <p>Can City Glass GA install a french patio door to replace my<br /> existing sliding door?</p> <p>

Answer: Yes. If you are planning to replace your doors for patio or deck access, you’ll need a new french entry patio doors. City Glass GA has over 35 year of experience replacing windows and doors. Let us know how we can help you with this project. 

Can you replace just the broken glass on my sliding doors?

One of our advantages as a full glass service company is that we carry in stock almost every size of sliding glass door replacement. So in case of an emergency arises, you can get in touch with us and we will make sure that the same day the glass is replaced. 

Somebody break in into my house and shattered the back glass door on the way out. Do you carry safety glass?

Yes. When security is a concern, we suggest our clients to upgrade their existing window glass to a better resistant one. There is a different types of safety glass. On specialty glass applications, laminated offers the most security. Consisting of two panes of glass with a clear vynil layer between them, if somebody try to get in, will crack the glass but it won;t fall offering. 

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