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Enhance the look of your office floor with glass doors that will make your business office stand out with an elegant and modern look!

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Commercial Glass Doors 

City Glass GA offers frameless shower doors, commercial glass doors, patio doors, sliding glass doors, storefront doors, entrance doors and much more. Just tell us about your glass door needs and we will provide you with the perfect solution.

If you are renovating the facade of your business, we offer storefront glass doors that will replace your old looking doors. Are you renovating your home bathroom? Perfect timing to start designing and installing a frameless shower door. Atlanta is known in the entire United States for the increasing amount of home renovations going on right now. We work with contractors, designers, architects, homeowners, installing slliding glass doors, patio doors, entrance doors.

Commercial Glass Doors  partitions for office spaces in Atlanta commercial buildings. We have provided services to commercial offices, hospitals, educational institutions, government offices, banks, restaurants, office parks, coffe shops, law offices, schools, and interior designers. A interior glass partition needs to meet safety requirements. That’s why all our interior glass is tempered and sometimes laminated depending on the design requirements and constructions codes. Sometimes specialty interior partitions requires bulletproof glass (bullet resistant glass) or even decorative glass to add some privacy. You name it, and we can get it! 

Wether is a office receptionist area or reatil store, we can create a interior glass partition that provide pass through while offering security and privacy for your employees, also allowing items that needs to be transfers between rooms where strict access is not required. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of glass City Glass GA use to install office glass doors?

Depending on your design layout, we can use 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick frameless glass doors. We can install them with pull handle or as a slider glass door. Through a combination of frameless glass sliding doors we can create a divided space that will provide you the privacy that you need for your office,  increase the ligth into the room space, adding an elegant and clean design to your office.

What kind of hardware City Glass GA use for glass door isntallation?

They are ideal for office fronts, conference rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms entrances, showers enclosures, provide energy cost savings, allow outside natural light get across inside the building, create a feeling of open space, and save more space. Having more natural light minimize the use of conventional light.

Can you install a frameless glass partition?

Yes, we can. Our “frameless glass sytemes” provide a modern look to any commercial office, residential home and hospitality projects. If you are looking to make a statement with the design elements within your building, then a interior framless glass wall system are the way to go.

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